Sunday, 15 August 2010

Happy Independence Day, India!

Though I've been born and bought up in England, I consider myself as much Indian as I am British! I feel blessed to be a part of both these beautiful countries and be able to balance a lifestyle which takes from both the cultures.

Today...15th August 2010...I'd like to wish INDIA, and Indian's all across the globe, a very Happy Independence Day! Today is a day to reflect on the past and present. Today is a day to thank all the freedom fighters who fought for the independence we have today. Whether we are living in India or elsewhere, we surely would not have been living the life we are today (or have the freedom of choice, thought, voice we are enjoying), had it not been for them, their determination and their sacrifice. TODAY is the day we should take a moment to think whether our "today", and India today, does justice to all that they gave up for us so many years ago!

Are we living life truly as 'good people'? Are we independent in our choices (without disrespecting anyone elses choices and feelings)? Are we making sure not to misuse or misunderstand the word 'independence'? Are we good citizens of whichever country we are residents of? Do we treat everyone equally..fairly..despite their nationality/race/sex etc? 

I'm proud of my Indian identity and I think everyone who is Indian (whether they are living in India or outside of India) should vow today that they will try their best to be better people every passing day, live life independently but without hurting others..etc... so that everyone can always be proud to be Indian!

Nobody is perfect, and nobody will ever be perfect..In the course of life, we will be students forever...but today is a day where we can try and take one step closer to excelling :)

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